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Providing imaginative, tasty and filling sandwiches and wraps along with an array of both classic and next level salads, delicious soups and chilis and a range of sweets to round off your meal.


Catering platters - to meetings, seminars, training sessions and parties, our suggestions or tailored and catered to your specific needs and budget, breakfast & lunch



1762 John Montagu, England's 4th Earl of Sandwich and obsessive therefore, the gambler, orders his meat be sliced ​​and stuffed between two pieces of bread to keep his dinner from interfering with his gaming...  


'sandwich' is born!


The Earl's culinary invention traverses the world, capturing the flavors of the Empire and beyond within delightful slices, wraps and pockets of bread.


2006 Malcolm Mahs and Lenne Hardt, (Pride / Dream, Rizin mixed martial arts and NHK announcer), form a band of kitchen squires to reinstate The Earl in Tokyo. Here the sandwich's noble origins are nurtured with the Earth's best breads, fillings and condiments, a tasty ante for any full house.


Following soon after, the sandwiches of The Earl are joined by a royal entourage of salads, sweets, soups, chili's and the breadless 'wich-in-a-bowl' for the fittest knights!

Bon appetit!



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